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Posted in Food, Music by eatlooklisten on November 11, 2008

If anyone wants to get me this 14-DVD Scopitone collection, you’d be a saint and a hero and I’d love you forever. I mean, I’m just saying. Don’t know what they are? Read about them here and then watch a bunch here or consult trusty ol’ Youtube!

Speaking of indulgences, I’m daydreaming of More Cupcakes‘ salted caramel cupcakes. The cupcakes there are kind of expensive but that place probably boasts the most adventurous yet refined flavor combinations. Yes, this is the place with the BLT cupcake (which I’ve been told I should try at least once, but it’s not something one would eat with relish and finish). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be wiping the drool off my chin.

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