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Posted in Uncategorized by eatlooklisten on January 4, 2009

Now that school is looming large in the next couple weeks, naturally my thoughts turn to my wardrobe. What classes to take? When can I start looking for internships? What supplies do I need? Eh, who cares when there are outfits to think about?

Obviously I’m not being serious, but it is fun to think about. I’ve always discussed the “{insert season here} fashion plan” with people, but I don’t ever think I’d a) put it into practice or b) properly described it until now. I realize I’m ripping off the lovely Making It Lovely, but it’s more of a homage to it, and also a throwback to the countless Photoshop collages I did while working in fashion. Ugh, typing that out still looks weird – like “working in fashion” denotes that my job was super cool and exciting, when really I was just lucky and it was much more normal than it sounds. But that’s another rant for another day. Onto the clothes!


This is a casual/everyday look, and pretty much how I dress anyway, except it’s like I got to go on a shopping spree.
Bag: Mini-Citizen bag,
Necklace: Pyrite and sterling silver long necklace, RedChair @
Empire-waisted sweater: New York & Co.
Jeans: Z. Cavaracci, Torrid (I own these already)
Scarf: Villains print sheer jersey scarf, luchaworkship @
Earrings: Forever 21
Bangle: Forever 21
Shoes: Adidas Oddity lows (youth size), Piperlime
Watch: Baby-G, eBay


This is more of a “dressy” look, say if I had an an art show or a dinner or something.
Bag: Hayden-Harnett for Target canvas hobo, Target
Belt: Torrid
Cardigan: V-neck short sleeve cardigan, J. Crew
Dress: Angelica lace dress, Juicy Couture @ Nordstrom
Shoes: Marc Jacobs @ Piperlime
Scarf: Unisex circular scarf, American Apparel
Tights: blue herringbone, Look From London
Earrings: 80’s style doorknockers, GirlProps

What do you think?


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