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mmmmmmm donuts

Posted in Food by eatlooklisten on January 30, 2009

Today, my friend Erica surprised a bunch of us by bringing in some donuts from Portland, Oregon’s Voodoo Doughnuts, a truly magical place. It’s the kind of place that I’m so stereotypically attracted to: “wacky”, a little punk-rock/anarchist, not afraid to do weird shit with food (Jagermeister donuts, anyone? Or Nyquil glazed donuts?), vegan friendly even though I’m not vegan, really local-centric and unique to its town. Granted, these were a couple days old, but this little taste test only excited me for the prospect of eating fresh ones once I make it out to Portland.

I tried:

  • The Arnold Palmer (“cake doughnut covered with lemon and tea powder”): delicious
  • The Voodoo Doughnut (“voodoo doll doughnut”, in the shape of a voodoo doll with a pretzel sticking out of its heart and a jelly filling): also delicious, although I didn’t get enough jelly in my sample piece
  • Bubble Gum doughnut: I generally hate the artificial flavor of bubble gum, but I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would
  • Iced doughnut with Berry Cap’n Crunch: good, although a fresh one while the cereal’s still crunchy would have been awesome on a texture level
  • Iced doughnut with Froot Loops: see above. Would probably like it less than the Cap’n Crunch
  • Bacon Maple long john (raised doughnut with maple icing and 2 strips of bacon): I had a similar experience as Anthony Bourdain when he first had this doughnut, although I hardly ate it out of politeness. I’ve become kind of burnt out on the Bacon Craze, although I do love me some bacon, or most parts of a pig for that matter. But this? Man. Its simplicity is awesome. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and savory/salty that I always enjoy, and the crunch of the bacon with the softness of the doughnut was pretty damn satisfying texture-wise.

AND they do weddings! Can you imagine? A giant donut cake or a donut tower, after getting married AT a donut shop? In Portland? Lord.


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  1. bradleyf81 said, on January 30, 2009 at 8:35 am

    I don’t know about a donut with bacon in it, but the voodoo doll donut sounds like a really cool idea. Imagine having those at your Halloween party! Plus, cereal on donuts is something I never thought of, but sounds fantastic.

    I don’t think I’ll ever make it out to Portland, but in a few years I’ll be moving back to the US, at least I think I will, and maybe I can find something similar in New York.

  2. eatlooklisten said, on January 30, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    You’ll DEFINITELY find something comparable in NYC. Like ! Regardless, there’s so much amazing food in New York – even after 7 years of living there I barely cracked the surface of the things I wanted to try.

  3. bradleyf81 said, on January 31, 2009 at 12:45 am

    I lived in NYC for a while as a kid and I go there all the time now to visit my mom. You’re right about there being more than you can every actually try. I’ve been to so many restaurants there, and most were good. I like a restaurant there called Yummy House on 3rd avenue. I think it’s near 11th St. It’s great Chinese food! The desserts at Serendipity 3 were fantastic too. That one was on the Food channel one time. The doughnuts at that link you sent me are making my mouth water. You just can’t find a good donut here in Singapore. Somehow they just miss the mark. At least when I’m visiting my in-laws in the Philippines there’s Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts. Those hit the spot alright. I’ll have to send that link to my mom. I’m sure she’ll go there right away and then tell me how good it is and how much I wish I was there to have some too. Ha ha ha!

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