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Long time, no see

Posted in Food, Politics by eatlooklisten on November 5, 2008

First off, I write morning after a tremendous victory for Barack Obama. I’m so proud that words kind of can’t describe it. I found myself at Piece yesterday evening, and watched MSNBC and CNN’s commentary and the initial information roll in. First 3 to 8, then 3 to 16 (?), then suddenly the numbers started shooting up. There were cheers as soon as Illinois went up. The enthusiasm and goodwill was overwhelming, and I almost cried a couple times. Once Obama’s count went to 200, I knew it was safe (at least for then) to go home and watch the rest there so I wouldn’t have to blub in public. I have friends who attended the rally, or at least got near it, and they echoed the good feelings and emotion running through the place. What an amazing night.

In other Chicago-related news, I was delighted to get my local-centric Daily Candy email and find information on the Downtown Farmstand. In Chicago, the farmers’ markets only last until October, and we have to wait until May for them to start up again. Somewhat rightfully so considering the weather, but I have always wished for a year-round indoor market. Lots of cities have them, even cities smaller than us, so why not us? The Downtown Farmstand is the kind of place I’d been hoping for, although it only runs until December. Still, it’s two more months of locally-grown farmers’ market produce that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise!