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Passion Pit

Posted in Music, Video by eatlooklisten on April 1, 2009

“The Reeling” – Passion Pit

This is apparently going to be the lead-off single from their new album, Manners. It was originally noted because backing vocals are provided by the oft-inspiring PS22 Chorus (they’re the second set of “oh noooooo” in the chorus). The Fader made a little behind-the-scenes video of the day they recorded the backup vocals, which you can watch right here. Seriously, how MFing cute is that? Because it is.

I’ve read some of the comments and reviews rolling in on the single, and it’s mixed. A lot of people apparently miss the distorted, glitchy textures displayed on the Chunk of Change EP, and are turned off by the 80’s-style big production. Personally? I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Like, the amount of times I’ve listened to this in a row is kind of embarassing. I have to uncheck the song when I scrobble my iPod, because otherwise it’ll show that I’ve listened to this song 13 times or something ridiculous like that. But I can’t help it – the heavy, slick production, the gigantic bass sound (that sounds kind of tinny on YouTube), the choir-laden chorus that you will be singing to yourself for days (oh nooooooo, oh noooooooo), it’s just a fucking fantastic piece of pop. It’s unapologetically huge in a really non-cynical, uncalculated way. The only calculated moves I can detect are the band/Michael Angelakos’ desire to make an enormous, bombastic pop song. And it works for me big time.

Then again, you’re reading the opinions of someone who loves Alphabeat and FrankMusik and things of that ilk, so over-informed rock criticism you will not find here. Well, maybe a little.

In short, this song is GOOD.


today’s earworms

Posted in Art, Music, Video by eatlooklisten on March 4, 2009

Hi, strangers. Today: earworms!

“Bust A Move”, Young MC: ah, quintissential pop rap party jam of the 80’s. The parts that I’d like to specifically call out are the lady part that goes “uh, yeah, ohhhh yeah”. Also the “break it down for me, fellas” breakdown with the “unhhh….ohhhhhh”. Those parts just run in repeat in my head.

I can’t embed it, but “Come and Get Your Love”, the Real McCoy: I know this isn’t the real version. It’s a cover of that Redbone 70’s classic, etc. But it’s this specific version that’s implanted in my brain. I have absolutely no idea where this came from or why. I haven’t heard this song in years. I especially enjoy the Snow-like whiteboy rapping involved.

“Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight”, Lime: I’ve posted this song elsewhere. But god I love it and I will never stop loving it. I love that keyboard hook, so simple. I love the simplicity of the chorus and how it’s harmonized. I love how this is such a good bridge between that kind of disco-y italo stuff and house.  I love how it’s hard to make the connection between the homely-looking people in the video and the slick voices. Yes, those are the actual people who recorded the song. And did you know they were Canadian? And all this time I thought they were Italian… This song is always in my head in some capacity.

Incidentally, have you ever seen Lime’s album and single cover art? It’s truly terrible in that none of the figures actually follow any sort of anatomy based in the real world, and the airbrushing. Oh god, the airbrushing. That said, if someone made a gigantic wall-size print, I would probably want it.

this is why

Posted in Music, Video by eatlooklisten on January 6, 2009

…I tend to stay away from late-era Gainsbourg. THIS IS NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Wha…? The girl humping/writhing on the bed is Bambou, Gainsbourg’s lover after Jane Birkin. This is even racier than the version I had on tape for a long time, with Bambou and a bevy of topless girls dancing in front of him, one by one. Serge, you crazy old bastard, I still love you.